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Max Workout

Minimum effort. Max results.

Max Workout is your own personal interval trainer guiding you step-by-step through a huge variety of proven cardio and strength interval workouts so you’ll live a longer and healthier life with the least amount of exercise possible.

Get a fresh start. For less than 50 cents a month, you get 5 apps in one. That's 10-100x less than most workout apps:

  • 💪 Strength Training: Video HIIT and low-impact interval workouts. The stronger you are, the longer you live.

  • 🏃 Zone 2 Cardio Training: Voice guided long and slow interval workouts doing any exercise of your choice. Burns fat and repairs mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • ⏱️ Zone 5 Cardio Training: Voice guided REHIT, HIIT, and Low Impact workouts doing any exercise of your choice. Burns glucose and repairs mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • 🧘 Calming Meditations: Soothing guided and unguided meditations. Chronic stress affects everything.

  • 😴 Better Sleep: Soothing guided sleep stories, sunrise light timer, sleep best practices. Lack of sleep affects everything.

What's the magic-bullet for living a longer and healthier life? Losing weight? Doing more? Looking better?

Exercise! Exercise is the single most important longevity drug that we have. Beyond exercise you also need to relax and get a great night’s sleep.

Get all five right and you can extend your health span, reduce your biological age, lose weight, be strong and active, look better, and see up to a 5x reduction in all-cause mortality.

That's because nothing matters more for your health and longevity than the prevention of chronic disease.

Max Workout does all five. It's one stop shopping for everything you need—even if you've never trained before. It's never too late to start. If you want to know just what you need to do, this is your app.

Let Max Workout be your personal interval trainer:

  • 🔥 Over 35 guided video workouts, interval workouts, meditations, and sleep stories.
  • 🏆 Track your goals, streaks, and achievements.
  • 🚀 Work out solo, at home, at the gym, or on the road. No need for expensive personal trainers.
  • 🚧 Build your own workouts.
  • 🪃 Syncing lets you use Max Workout across all your devices, for you and your family.

Max Workout does all this using research-proven workouts that give you maximum results in the least amount of time possible.

Stop training in the garbage zone. Stop wasting time on workouts that don't move the needle on your health. You can exercise less and get better results.

Exercising throughout life is your very best weapon for slowing health deterioration and extending lifespan.

Max Workout is the app you can use for the rest of your life to get the exercise you need to extend your life.

You Get Results With Max Workout!

  • ❤️ Has your current workout become too high impact for your joints? Improve your strength and cardio without killing yourself with over the top exercise routines like other apps.
  • ❤️ Lose Weight
  • ❤️ Gain Muscle
  • ❤️ Look Better
  • ❤️ Crush Cardio Fitness
  • ❤️ Get Stronger
  • ❤️ Feel Great
  • ❤️ Control Diabetes / A1C
  • ❤️ Reduce Blood Pressure
  • ❤️ Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • ❤️ Lower All Cause Mortality
  • ❤️ Rapair Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • ❤️ Improve Metabolic Health
  • ❤️ Pick Up a Baby
  • ❤️ Walk Up Stairs
  • ❤️ Run a 10K
  • ❤️ Stay Independent
  • ❤️ Carry Groceries
  • ❤️ Change a Tire
  • ❤️ Get Up After a Fall
  • ❤️ Play All Day
  • ❤️ Wake Up Refreshed
  • ❤️ Get More Done Each Day
  • ❤️ Research Backed Exercises that Require the Least Time for the Best Results
  • ❤️ Exercises You Can Do for the Rest of Your Life
  • ❤️ Exercises You Can Do Anytime Anywhere


I really like Max Workout. I can tell because I missed using it when I forgot my phone.

— Linda G

In not just the programmer, I'm a user. Managing my T2 diabetes requires staying in shape. Year after year after year. I don't need to tell you how hard that is. Here's how Max Workout helps: 1. I can do a workout in under 10 minutes. That means I can fit a workout in almost any day. 2. I know the workouts get results. I can't afford to waste my time on unproven approaches. 3. There's lots of variety, which is important if you plan on exercising for the long term. 4. The app is pretty and works nicely, if I do say so myself.

— Todd Hoff

My husband noticed I flew up a very steep hill I had problems walking up just three weeks before, without being out of breath! Max Workout works!

— Anonymous

It's the best workout app I've ever used.

— Beta Tester

It's Free!

You get a free All Access Pass to use the complete app with no credit required. Most apps give you a "free" trial that requires money up front. Not Max Workout. And if you like it, there's an in-app purchase to keep all the features unlocked for a low low price of $5.99 a year. And even if you decide not to sign up, five workouts are free forever.

Watch Our Video

Minimim Effort. Max Results.

What does Minimum Effort. Max Results really mean? It means Max Workout is based on scientific research that shows you don't have to put in long hours of exercise to get significant results. It has been shown you can get results in an 8 minute workout. I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true. Oh, and Max Workout has those workouts.

What Max Workout does is take all the latest research and put it in a very inexpensive and easy-to-use app. At first I made the app for my wife and I. That's the truth. We both needed a way to be healthy and exercise for the rest of our lives. Through a lot of research and experimentation, Max Workout was created. Then I thought, "Hey, this app would be great for other people too." Doesn't everyone need an exercise plan that works and that they can stay on for the rest of their lives?

Why is this important? Most people hate exercising. Yet, we need to exercise to stay healthy and fit. That's the exercise paradox. Have you ever not exercised when you've wanted to? You may not have wanted to work out for very long or work very hard. That's the exercise paradox. And Max Workout is my answer for solving the exercise paradox.

Going from fit to unfit reduces your risk of dying by 50 percent! Yet only 20% of people make the effort. That's really sad.

The solution is to exercise smarter, not harder. Don't worry, Max Workout has some hard workouts if you want them, but it's up to you. Let's walk through how Max Workout is a new way to exercise smarter. For the scientific minded please, take a look at all the research Max Workout is based on. And to understand better what I mean by a new way to exercise, take a look at Reprogram Your Mitochondria for Long Life and Robust Health.

Strength Straining

Max Workout includes a variety of video-based bodyweight workouts. Why? The stronger you are, the longer you will live. That's a fact. As you age, you need to get strong and stay strong.

So, I included the very popular 7 Minute Workout. Just seven minutes of bodyweight high-intensity exercise can improve your muscular strength, insulin sensitivity and V02 max. Now that's a max result for minumum effort!

Zone 5 Cardio Training (REHIT and HIIT)

Max Workout features a large number of different Zone 5 workouts. Zone 5 workouts are interval training workouts.

Interval training is periods of activity followed by recovery periods. Changing the length and intensity of the activity periods and the length of recovery periods creates different styles of exercise with different results. Of course, with Max Workout, you only get the best.

REHIT and HIIT Workouts

Max Workout provides two general styles of interval workouts: REHIT and HIIT. REHIT stands for reduced-exertion high, intensity training. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. REHIT is a time-efficient training approach inspired by high-intensity interval training. HIIT is exercising in short bursts of intense effort, followed by a low-intensity recovery.

The major difference between a REHIT workout and a HIIT workout is a HIIT workout typically lasts for 30 minutes. A REHIT workout can take as little as 8 minutes: a 3 minute warmup, a 20 second max sprint, a two-minute recovery period, a second 20 second max sprint, ending with a two-minute cool down.

Both have been proven effictive. In fact, a vast body of research shows you can get the same benefits of about an hour of traditional endurance training in 40 seconds worth of intense exercise.

Max Workout has voice prompted interval workouts that guide you step-by-step though a workout. Interval training workouts are notoriously complex and hard to follow. There are lots of steps, changes in intensity, and precise timing to worry about. Max Workout solves all these problems for you.

What it Looks Like to Use Max Workout

It might be hard to visualize what a cardio workout looks like using Max Workout. That's why I made a short little video. Though this video shows a treadmill being used, you can use any exercise you want (run, swim, elliptical, row, etc.).

That's one of the great things about Max Workout. You have choice and flexibility. You can use Max Workout to work out any place you are, at any time you want, doing any exercise you love.

Zone 2 Cardio Training (low and slow)

Max Workout features a large number of different Zone 2 workouts. Zone 2 workouts are magical for your health. Why? Read What is Zone 2 Training. In short, it's aerobic training for longer periods at a lower intensity.

Zone 2 training is a better weight loss plan than calorie counting. That's because when you train too hard, you're burning glucose, not fat. It's not fair, but when you work really hard, you burn near zero ounces of fat. Zone 2 to the rescue. With Zone 2 training you're training and reprogramming your mitochondria to become better at burning fat. That's the perfect diet. No calorie counting and you burn fat.

Best of all, since Zone 2 exercise is at such a low level of intensity, it's a form of exercise you truly can do for the rest of your life.

Zone 2 training with Max Workout uses the same interval training method used for Zone 5. The difference is there are no recovery periods. You simply keep your pace at a low intensity for however long you've decided to work out.

Zone 2 training is getting faster by slowing down. Slow down to get healthier. That’s not a message you hear often.

No pain, no gain. We’re used to hearing that. Zone 2 training is a big switch in thinking, as the pace is a lot slower than you’re probably used to. Yet your body craves this pace and rewards it accordingly.

Hurry, order now. Start seeing results today!

Turn your hopes and goals into action. Max Workout lets you get your exercise over for the day so you can move on with your day.

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