Max Workout

Minimum effort. Max results.

Solves problem of how do you get in shape, get healthy, lose weight, in the least time possible.

How? By guiding you through proven interval training workouts wherever you are, whenever you have time, doing exercises you enjoy.

Become your own personal interval trainer and get fit, get healthy, and lose weight in just 23 minutes a week.

Couch potatoes become fit. Fit people become fitter. Fitter people live longer. A new way to exercise that is a better weight loss plan than calorie counting!



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It's Free!

You get a free All Access Pass to use the complete app with no credit required. Most apps give you a "free" trial that requires money up front. Not Max Workout. And if you like it, there's an in-app purchase to keep all the features unlocked for a low low price of $5.99 a year. And even if you decide not to sign up, five workouts are free forever.

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Try before you buy:

Workouts and meditations to choose from. Just open the app and go.

Least possible time:

Minutes to significantly improve your health and fitness in a week.

Huge variety:

10 minute meditations to choose from.

Good value:

Unlocks unlimited access to all workouts.

Work out on your own:

Need for a gym.

Workouts that fit into your life:

Minutes is all it takes for one workout.

Choose exercises you enjoy:

Walking, swimming, elliptical, treadmill, running, biking, spinning, weight lifting, jumping rope, running in-place, rowing, nearly any exercise you like doing.

Solving the Exercise Paradox

Most people hate exercising. Yet, we need to exercise to stay healthy and fit. That's the exercise paradox. Have you ever not exercised when you've wanted to? The exercise paradox is that voice in your head lurking behind every urge not to exercise. Let's see how Max Workout solves the exercise paradox.

Going from fit to unfit reduces your risk of dying by 50%! Only 20% of people make the effort. The solution? Using high-intensity exercise to make you fit. What's the best form of high-intensity exercise? Interval training. How do you get the best results in the least time? Reduced-exertion high-intensity exercise (REHIT). How do you perform REHIT training? Max Workout.

REHIT workouts use short cycles of intense exercise, followed by periods of recovery. They’re based on research revealing one very unexpected fact about exercise: exercise intensity is more important than exercise duration.

The 40 Second Workout, for example, looks like: 3 minute warmup, 20 seconds at a max sprint, 2 minute recovery period, 20 seconds at a max sprint, and ends with a 2 minute cooldown.

That’s 7 minutes and 40 seconds to complete a workout. With a goal of 3 workouts a week, that’s only 23 minutes a week. Almost everyone can find 23 minutes to exercise in a week.

The results? Proven equal to or superior to an hour of moderate aerobic exercise: increased cardiorespiratory fitness, proven lower all cause mortality, weight loss, muscle gain, reduced blood pressure, improved metabolic health, better insulin sensitivity, a sense of achievement, increased enjoyment—all gained with the least amount of exercise possible.

You can do any exercise you’re comfortable with: walking, swimming, elliptical, treadmill, running, biking, spinning, weight lifting, jumping rope, running in-place, rowing, etc. As long as you can get your heart rate up, choose an exercise you enjoy doing. Personally, I use an elliptical machine at home, and it works great. High-intensity does not have to mean high-impact.

Max Workout makes it as easy as possible for you to add REHIT workouts into your life, so you can start getting all the health and fitness benefits as soon as possible.

Are you looking to make exercise part of your lifestyle, for all the obvious reasons, but just haven’t for all the equally obvious reasons? You really can get the benefits of an hour of steady aerobic exercise with just a single minute of intense exercise.

Are you already fit and want to uplevel? Olympians, professional athletes, all use HIT to boost performance. It’s proven technology.

Do you want to delay the insidious effects of aging? Exercise, while not quite a fountain of youth, slows down aging better than any other approach we know of.

Interested in skipping long boring workouts? Conquering intense short intervals generates a genuine sense of achievement. You’ll feel more alive, more energized, and more awake.

You don't need to be an elite athlete. HIT works for beginners as well as world-class athletes because how hard you work only depends on where you're at. Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed. Each step is well explained and well queued.

Max Workout removes the traditional barriers to exercise. It’s time-efficient, flexible, enjoyable, and gets results. In short, it's exercise you can do and fit into your life.

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No Time to Exercise?

Why does REHIT work so well? It’s how your body works. High-intensity interval training gives your body the same signals to change and adapt as endurance training, only with a lot less effort. The signal is a rapid decrease of fuel stores in muscle cells.

So it's not about how long you exercise, it's about exercising hard enough to draw down your energy stores fast enough that your body will give you all the amazing benefits of exercise in a fraction of the time.

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World Class Results

Weight and fat loss. Proven lower all cause mortality. Increased VO2 max. Decreased blood pressure. Increased insulin sensitivity. Improved cardiorespiratory fitness. Improved metabolic health. Increased muscle mass. Improved memory. Improved brain health. Lower dimentia risk. Increased ability of mitochondria within cells to generate energy.  (research)

Check Exercise Off Your List

Don't have time to exercise? Now there's always time to workout. You can fit a workout anywhere in your day. And you'll become fit in just minutes a week. The shortest workout with research backed results is about 8 minutes long. You don't need hours and hours of hard work to get results. It is more time-efficient to exercise hard for a short amount of time than moderate exercise for a long time.

Least Possible Effort

REHIT stands for reduced-exertion high-intensity interval training. An interval is intense exercise followed by periods of recovery. A workout is a series of sprint intervals followed by recovery intervals. Max Workout guides you through a variety of different workouts. This kind of training has been shown to get great health benefits-as good or better than longer workouts-in the least time possible. The good news is high-intensity doesn't have to mean all out effort. It can be walking faster for awhile. I can mean walking up hill instead of on flat land. You should be able to hold a conversation, but not be able to singIt can be walking faster for awhile. I can mean walking up hill instead of on flat land. You should be able to hold a conversation, but not be able to sing..

More Joy

A lot of people like interval training more than long continuous workouts. A big reason: it’s over sooner!

Small Attainable Goals

Who hasn't bailed on a workout because the thought of an hour of exercise was too overwhelming? That's another reason people like interval training: it has short attainable goals where they can succeed rather than slogging through another marathon workout. The sprints are short and highly structured. You can prepare for them, conquer them, and move on with your day.

Slows Aging

Did you know research has found people who walked a lot didn't live much longer than people who walked just a little bit? Who lived longer? The people who walked faster. That's interval training. You can fight aging with exercise. Exercise is key to prolonging your life and increasing the quality of life while you're alive.

More benefits, less work, more fun; what's not to love?

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Personal Interval Training

Interval training workouts are notoriously complex and hard to follow. There are lots of steps, changes in intensity, and precise timing to worry about. Max Workout solves all these problems.

You'll never get bored.

Max Workout offers the largest variety of interval workouts you'll find anywhere. You're never stuck doing the same routine over and over again.

You'll never get lost.

Max Workout takes you step by step through each workout. All you have to do is follow along. Each workout is completely scripted. Each step is prompted and explained. And your progress is clearly marked on a gorgeous timing dial.

You'll love the queuing.

Step-by-step voice and text instructions keep you engaged and oriented. You'll always know what to do, when to do it, and what's coming next. You'll never get lost no matter how complicated the workout.

You'll love the encouragement.

Max Workout was designed with positive feedback in mind. Voice prompts guide and encourage you through the entire workout. Just when you're feeling like slowing down, Max Workout helps you work even harder. After the workout a fun celebration showers you with the rewards you deserve for working out. A star system helps you meet the goal of working out 3x a week.

You'll love the music.

Max Workout provides pumping music options to keep you energized through the workout.

🏃 🏊 🚴
You'll love feeling fitter.

You'll stay motivated to exercise because you'll see great results and feel fitter. Before, you might have exercised doing things that weren't really working or efficient. When you're doing a Max Workout you know you're doing something that has proved to get results. It helps out of shape people get fit. And interval training really helps fit people get to that next level.

Create Your Own Workouts

Have an idea for a workout? Create your own!

Streaks, Awards, Stats

Keep you motivated and on track.

Sync Across All Your Devices

All your data stays in sync and it even works without a network connection.

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Workout Wherever You Are, Choose Any Exercise You Like, Using Just Your iPhone or iPad

You don't need a gym. Max Workout guides you through a workout. It tells you when to sprint and when to recover. Max Workout doesn't tell you which exercise to do. As long as an activity gets you to the target intensity level for an interval, what you choose as an exercise is completely up to you. Mix it up. Keep it fresh. Interval training can be added to almost any activity.

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For example, if you have an elliptical machine, set it at an appropriate level, start the HIT workout on your watch or phone, start a Max Workout, say the Fat Burner Workout, and when Max Workout says sprint at a hard intensity level (breathing hard, but not gasping for breath) for 8 seconds, that's what you do. Then when it says recover at a light intensity for 12 seconds, that's what you do. The same idea works for a treadmill, rowing machine, or anything else.

You don't even need a machine. If you're on a walk, when Max Workout says sprint you can walk faster, jog, or even sprint. The same idea works for swimming, weight lifting, or anything else.

I hope you can see how Max Workout is a great addition to any workout.

🆕 Now With Zone 2 Training

Max Workout now supports a number of different Zone 2 workouts. Zone 2 workouts are magical for your health. Why? Read What is Zone 2 Training. In short, it's aerobic training for longer periods at a lower intensity.

Zone 2 training is a better weight loss plan than calorie counting. That's because when you train too hard you're burning glucose, not fat. It's not fair, but when you work really hard, you burn near zero ounces of fat. Zone 2 to the rescue. With Zone 2 training you're training and reprogramming your mitochondria to become better at burning fat. That's the perfect diet. No calorie counting and you burn fat. Best of all, since Zone 2 exercise is at such a low level of intensity, it's a form of exercise you truly can do for the rest of your life.

Adding both interval and Zone 2 training to your workout routine is the way to mprove your mitochondrial function.

🆕 Now With Meditation 🧘

Max Workout now has one 10 minute unguided meditation and one 10 minute guided meditation. It's amazing how 10 minutes can change the rest of your day.

The guided meditation can help you sleep better, reduce stress, relax, and even consolidate what you've learned after a study session.

Proper diet and Zone 2 and Zone 5 exercise are two of the three keys for extending your healthspan and reducing your biological age. The third key is meditation. That's why it's here.

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Hurry, order now. Start seeing results today!

Turn your hopes and goals into action. Max Workout lets you get your exercise over for the day so you can move on with your day.

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Workouts Explained

A Series Of Intervals:

Each workout has a warmup, exercise, and cooldown section made up of sprint and recovery intervals. The progress dial shows all the intervals in the workout.


Intervals depend on the workout. They can be of any combination of length and exertion level. A sprint interval is a burst of hard activity. A recovery interval is a period of rest until the next sprint.


Some workouts use long intervals, followed by a long recovery period. Some use shorter intervals. The progress dial shows the relative length of each interval.

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Exertion Level:

Measures how hard you should work during an interval. Heart rate lags effort during a interval workout so the goal is to reach a level of effort for an interval. Exertion levels vary by workout. Some use max level sprints and some are easier. The progress dial color codes exertion level for each interval. Bluer is easier. Redder is harder. Other colors are in-between.

Progress Tracking:

Watch your progress across the progress dial as you perform each interval.


Throughout a workout, the progress dial continually shows where you are in a workout, what you should do, and what's coming up next. The prompts are both written on the screen and spoken verbally. That with music and sprinkled in encouragements really helps you crush tough sprints.

Your Workouts


I really like Max Workout. I can tell because I missed using it when I forgot my phone.

— Linda G

In not just the programmer, I'm a user. Managing my T2 diabetes requires staying in shape. Year after year after year. I don't need to tell you how hard that is. Here's how Max Workout helps: 1. I can do a workout in under 10 minutes. That means I can fit a workout in almost any day. 2. I know the workouts get results. I can't afford to waste my time on unproven approaches. 3. There's lots of variety, which is important if you plan on exercising for the long term. 4. The app is pretty and works nicely, if I do say so myself.

— Todd Hoff

My husband noticed I flew up a very steep hill I had problems walking up just three weeks before, without being out of breath! Max Workout works!

— Anonymous

It's the best workout app I've ever used.

— Beta Tester
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That's Max Workout

You've Seen Everything

People are chronically short on time yet need to get in shape and lose weight. We're all aware of the benefits of exercise, especially interval training.

Knowing we need exercise is not the problem, getting the exercise is. Interval training solves that problem. You get all the health benefits of longer moderately paced workouts in literally just minutes.

Interval training presents its own problem: it's hard to do on your own. Interval training requires following lots of precise timings and interval changes. How can you do all that without a personal trainer? That's where Max Workout comes in.

Max Workout is your personal interval trainer. You select from a wide variety of proven workouts and Max Workout guides you step-by-step, minute-by-minute, through each workout using motivating music and encouraging written and spoken prompts. Max Workout also tracks your progress to motivate you to exercise three times a week. And after every workout, we always celebrate a job well done. See your workout streaks and awards through colorful charts and graphics.

Best of all, Max Workout is truly free. You can use the entire app without paying a dime. If you like it, keep the app unlocked for the extremely low price of $5.99 per year. Most fitness apps cost far more and deliver far less.

Max Workout lets you get your exercise over for the day so you can move on with your day.

Please give Max Workout a try. It was made to help people just like you. Don't like it? Delete it. If you do like Max Workout, I hope it sets you on a healthy path for the rest of your life.