We want it all. We want the health and fitness benefits of exercise, without exercise, or at least while exercising as little as possible. I know that's what I want.

Hi, my name is Todd Hoff and I created Max Workout. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes. That got my attention. It was time to make a change. I lost over 100 pounds and I've kept it off ever since. If you're interested in how, I wrote a book about it: Your Designer Diet: How to Stay on a Diet for the Rest of Your Life.

Figuring out your diet and how to maintain your weight is the first half of the staying alive problem. The second half of the staying alive problem is how do you exercise for the rest of your life?

As we all know, both are difficult and both are important. While exercise can help with weight loss, exercise is mostly about health and fitness. In fact, exercise is the closest thing to a fountain of youth that we have.

The Exercise Paradox

The problem is most people hate exercising. Yet, we need to exercise. That's the exercise paradox.

Have you ever not exercised when you've wanted to? Then you're a fellow victim of the exercise paradox. Welcome to the club. It's a big one. We all need to find our own solution to the exercise paradox. I needed to find one. And I did.

Let's use the exercise paradox as a way to design the perfect exercise. It would take the least amount of time possible. It ought to take no effort at all. It must have proven health and fitness benefits. It shouldn't lock you into one boring exercise. It certainly shouldn't require expensive gym equipment. It could be done anywhere. It must be easy to do. And it shouldn't require you to sweat.

Sound good? Is all that even possible? Almost. As far as I know, there's no exercise that doesn't require effort. So forget that dream. But I did discover an exercise requiring the least effort and time, while still generating impressive results.

This magnificent form of exercise is called REHIT. REHIT stands for reduced-exertion high, intensity training. It's a time-efficient training approach using short, intense exercise bursts, followed by a low-intensity recovery period. You can learn how REHIT works in What is REHIT?

After I created my weight loss method and showed it worked, I wrote a book about it. This time, after I found REHIT and proved to my satisfaction that it works, I wrote an app: Max Workout.

Why did I write an app? REHIT delivers on (almost) everything in the ideal exercise list. That's something you just have to share. And after many months of development, testing, refining, and perfecting, it's finally ready for you to use.

Solving the Exercise Paradox

The shortest REHIT workout with research backed results is 7 minutes and 40 seconds. In the app, it's called the 40 Second Workout because it only requires 40 seconds of intense effort. That's short.

Research also shows you can significantly improve your health and fitness with as few as two REHIT workouts a week. Everyone recommends three workouts a week, but really, it only takes two workouts a week to see results.

What does a 7 minute and 40 second workout look like? I use an elliptical machine at home. The first 3 minutes is a warm-up at a light and easy pace. After the warm-up is a 20 second sprint at your maximum pace. After the first sprint is a two minute recovery at a light and easy pace. Then after the recovery period there's your second and final 20 second max sprint. And the workout ends with a two minute cool-down. That's all there is to it. That's a check on least time possible.

Many studies have been done showing REHIT gets results equal to or better than an hour of moderate exercise. You can read all about it in Max Research. Check on proven results.

You can choose any exercise you like, as long as you can get your effort level up to the target for each workout. For example, for a max sprint on my elliptical, I'm going as fast as I can for 20 seconds. You could do the same on a treadmill, swimming, jumping rope, running, weight lifting, even walking. Check on no boring exercises. Check on not needing gym equipment. And check on doing it anywhere.

Another aspect of the boredom problem is solved because the unlocked version of Max Workout has 16 different workouts offering a variety of different lengths, intensity levels, and interval patterns. Plus, there's a variety of musical options to select from. Double check on boredom.

That exercise should be easy is a big reason I wrote the app. REHIT on your own is not easy. There are a lot complicated timings to track and interval changes to worry about. The app guides you through each workout with great written and verbal queueing. You won't get lost. Just follow along. So check on easy to do.

No sweating? Is that a thing? Yes, it is. While two 20 second max sprints are harder than you might think, they probably won't make you sweat. Don't get me wrong, the app has a lot of workouts that will make you sweat, a lot, but you have a choice. Check on not sweating.

I hope you can see now why I thought a quality REHIT app was worth creating. We are all our own worst enemy. The exercise paradox is that voice in your head lurking behind every urge not to exercise. If the exercise paradox wins, you won't live the long, healthy life you deserve. The exercise paradox can be beaten. And I really think Max Workout can be part of your winning solution to the staying alive problem.

That's the story. Thanks for reading. I appreciate your taking the time to learn how and why Max Workout was created. It's helped me, it has helped my wife, and I think it can help you too.