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Fitness for Busy People

Unleash the power of effective workouts that achieve more results in less time with new workout plans for people with busy schedules: Exercise Snacks, Short on Time, & Twenty Minutes a Day plans.
Transform Your Body and Mind the Smart Way with Max Workout: Maximum Gains, Minimum Time, Minimum Effort, and Maximum Value! Effective workouts that achieve results in less time. Guaranteed!

Max Workout is built around one idea: it's a myth you must train hard to see great results.

Did you know you can get a science-proven workout in as little as 8 minutes? And there's an exercise that burns more fat than any other, transforms your body, and is so easy to do you can do it for the rest of your life? That there are practices you can do in as little as five minutes that can transform your mind and nervous system?

These are the ideas Max Workout is built on so you can squeeze every year out of your body you can, all at the fantastic value of less than 90 cents a month.

Your health isn't just one thing. That's why Max Workout has one audacious goal: to help you lose weight, be strong, look great, extend your lifespan, increase your healthspan, boost your joyspan, ignite your inner fire, amp your physical activity, reduce your biological age, calm your mind and awaken refreshedβ€”all for the least possible effort, time, and money.

These are all the things you need to live your best life, and isn't that the point of buying an app? To transform your life for the rest of your life? To become the healthiest version of yourself?

Sound good? Let's walk through how Max Workout is designed to help you max your life.

How You Use Max Workout

What Do You Get With Max Workout?

Max Workout is Many Fitness Apps on One

πŸ”₯ You get unlimited access to 60+ workouts you can do at home, in the gym, or on the road: Zone 2, HIIT, reHIT, Zone 5, VO2Max, cardio, strength, Wim Hof, meditations, breathing & sleep practices, exercise snacks, blood pressure control, and much more.

One Tap Workout

This game changer recommends your next workout based on your goals and your schedule. You don't have to make any decisions about which workout to do next, unless you want to. Just tap a button and you're doing a workout.

Workout Plans for People With No Time to Exercise

Here's the most important question you have to answer about any exercise plan: can you be consistent with it? It doesn't do any good to adopt a workout routine you won't stay consistent with, because you'll just stop. And since most of your gains happen when going from zero exercise to some exercise, you want to pick a routine you'll stay with.

Which of these options are you more likely to stay with: a workout plan that has you killing yourself 2 hours a day at the gym or a plan where you get maximum results for the least exercise investment you can get away with? The answer is pretty obvious. That's why Max Workout has several plans for people who are very busy, have limited time to exercise, you still want to get healthier and see results from all their hard work.

The good news is that it's perfectly possible to exercise less than everyone says you should and still see results. Short bouts of exercise have been proven by much scientific research to be effective in improving your health. Will you become an Olympic athlete? No, but that's not the goal. The goal is to get you on a plan that you can be consistent with and that gives you an excellent return on your exercise time investment.

β†’ Exercise Snacks

It's counterintuitive, but you don't need long bouts of exercise to see significant improvements in your health. How? Exercise Snacks. An exercise snack is a brief bout of vigorous intensity exercise, lasting only a minute, that you do 4-5 times throughout your day. You can think of exercise snacks as the cure for sitting all day. And yes, it's research-based, or it wouldn't be in Max Workout. he message is simple: The more you move at a higher intensity as part of your daily living, the lower your risk of developing cancer.

β†’ Short on Time

Don't have much time to exercise? This schedule is for you. You are scheduled for two Zone 5 and two strength training workouts a week. That could take as little as 30 minutes a week, and you will see noticeable results in even that little time. Yes, really.

β†’ Twenty Minutes a Day

Only have 20 minutes a day? You can still get a good workout. You are scheduled to do twenty minutes of exercise five days a week. You'll do two Zone 5 workouts, two strength training workouts, and one Zone 2 workout.

Blood Pressure Crusher

It's hard to believe, but isometric exercises are the most effective exercises to reduce your blood pressure, equivalent to taking a medication at its best. You can lower your systolic blood pressure (the high number) by over 8 points. You can lower your diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) by 4 points. Isn't that amazing? You know what's even more amazing, you now have access to that blood pressure lowering workout in Max Workout. How?"

Zone 2 Training

It's training for longer periods at a lower intensity. It's cardio that doesn't suck. Why? You can do it for the rest of your life with a low chance of injury. And the health benefits are transformative! First, it's the ultimate fat burner. It burns more fat than any other form of exercise. It improves performance, repairs mitochondrial dysfunction, and helps with Type 2 diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. Zone 2 training is your secret fitness weapon. That's why Max Workout has so many Zone 2 workouts. You need them.

β†’ Zone 2 β†’ Zone 2 Plus β†’ Zone 2 Plus Plus β†’ Zone 2 30 β†’ Zone 2 60 β†’ Zone 2 60 Plus β†’ Zone 2 60 Plus Plus β†’ Zone 2 90 β†’ Zone 2 90 Plus β†’ Zone 2 90 Plus Plus


It's interval training at high intensity for short periods of time. It's exercise for people without a lot of time. You burn calories and reduce body fat, heart rate, blood pressure, and all-cause mortality. It improves VO2 max, insulin sensitivity, mitochondrial function, and memory. Why do you need it? VO2 max is highly correlated with longevity.

Interval training workouts are notoriously complex and hard to follow. There are lots of steps, changes in intensity, and precise timing to worry about. With the Max Workout timer, the entire workout is visualized on one screen. It's exactly what you see while you are working out. As you progress through each interval, you can track it on the screen. You don't even need to look at the screen if you don't want to because voice prompts will walk you step-by-step through the workout.

β†’ 12-3-30 Workout β†’ Beginner's Workout β†’ Wingate Workout β†’ Elevator Workout β†’ Short on Time β†’ Quick Boost Workout β†’ Saltin Workout β†’ Syndrome Crusher β†’ 10-20-30 Workout β†’ Rainbow Workout β†’ Hickson Workout β†’Peter's Workout β†’ Linda's Workout β†’ 90-Second Extended Accelerations


It's reduced exertion high-intensity training. It's like HIIT and has similar benefits, but takes even less time. Research shows you can get the same benefits of about an hour of traditional endurance training in 40 seconds' worth of intense exercise. Intensity matters more than duration. You can get a science-proven workout in as little as 8 minutes. Yes, just 8 minutes! No lie. And Max Workout is unique in how many reHIT workouts it provides. Even better, Max Workout combines Zone 2 and reHIT workouts, so you get the best of both worlds in one workout.

β†’ 40 Second Workout β†’ 60 Second Workout β†’ 4 Second Workout β†’ Fat Burner Workout β†’ Tabata Workout

Bodyweight Strength Video Workouts

Get stronger, live longer. People who live longest have the highest percentage of lean muscle mass at age 65. So you need to build or at least maintain muscle mass. That's why Max Workout offers both HIIT and low-impact bodyweight training videos. Ever heard of the famous 7-Minute workout? Max Workout has it and many othersβ€”all on your phone, so you can do these workouts without equipment anytime and anywhere you desire.

β†’ 7 Minute Workout β†’ 5 Minute Workout β†’ Low Impact Workout β†’ Challenge Workout β†’ 10-10-60 Daily Challenge

Purpose Driven Meditations

Max Workout has a different approach to meditation than expensive apps like Calm and Headspaceβ€”it has meditations for specific purposes. There are meditations to help you rest, consolidate learning, reduce your sense of fatigue, improve focus, improve mood, boost neuroplasticity, and improve sleep. Plenty of research shows an important part of living a long and healthy life is to develop a meditation practice. Meditating is not easy. Max Workout tries hard to make meditation an easy-to-integrate part of your life.

β†’ 10 Minute Unguided β†’ 20 Minute Unguided β†’ 10 Minute Relaxation β†’ 20 Minute Relaxation β†’ Suzuki β†’ NSDR (nonsleep deep rest) β†’ All-In-One β†’ Transcendental Mediation β†’ Box Breath β†’ Physiological Sigh β†’ Anxiety β†’ Body Scan β†’ Gratitude β†’ Cravings Buster

Wim Hof Breathing

Wim Hof is famous for his breathing technique that combines periods of deep breathing followed by voluntary breath-holds. Max Workout implements a fully customizable tool that guides you through a complete Wim Hof breathing session. The benefits are stress reduction, faster recovery, better sleep, lower blood pressure, increased energy, improved performance, enhanced creativity, more focus, and mental clarity.

Wim Hof includes keeping stats for retention and everything else about each session.


Max Workout offers another breathing tool that guides you through a fully customizable breathing session. Use it to wake up, fall asleep, calm anxiety, and improve physical performance.

β†’ Wim Hof Breathing β†’ Calm Mind / Deep Sleep β†’ Resonance Frequency Breathing


Sleep is the single best thing you can do to reset your body and health. It's the best nootropic, stress relief, trauma release, immune booster, hormone augmenter, and emotional stabilizer. Many of the tools we've talked about already can help you get to sleep when sleep eludes you. There's a tutorial on how to sleep better, a LUX meter to measure your sun exposure, sleep stories, and soothing music to help you relax and get a great night's rest.

β†’ Cabin In The Woods β†’ Magical Walk β†’ Meadow Dreams β†’ Sleep music and binaural beats

Dead Hang / Wall Sit / Sauna / Cold Plunge

Dead Hangs and Wall Sits are excellent exercises for strength and longevity. These days, many people are plunging into cold water baths or sweating in hot boxes. I do, too. It's part of your plan for a healthy life.

You can now track all these sessions in Max Workout, set them as weekly goals, and see them in your stats.


Multiple yoga videos at various levels of difficulty.


Multiple kettleball videos at various levels of difficulty.

Progress Tracking

Making workouts a habit is the key to long-term success. That's why Max Workout has comprehensive voice prompting to help you stay on track and keep motivated during workouts. That's also why Max Workout lets you set workout goals for each week, keep streaks, and provide comprehensive statistics on your workouts. Can anything make you work out? No, but it helps.

All these features work together to reduce your chance of dying the most. I purposefully added each feature into Max Workout to help live a longer, healthier, and better life.

β†’ Create a Comprehensive Workout Plan Based on Your Goals β†’ Set Weekly Goals β†’ Schedule Workout Notifications on Your Local Device β†’ Workout Log β†’ Streak Tracking β†’ Comprehensive Workout Stats


Improve your balance and stability with videos at various levels of difficulty.

Other Features

β†’ Sync Between Devices β†’ Zone 2 Heart Rate Calculator β†’ Sunrise and Sunset Light Countdown Meter β†’ Add Custom Workouts β†’ Selectable light and dark modes. β†’ Information on optimal training for health and fitness. β†’ Works standalone. No internet connection is required.

You Get Max Results With Max Workout!

❀️ Become Your Own Personal Interval Trainer   ❀️ Exercises You Can Do for the Rest of Your Life   ❀️ Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere, By Yourself, at Home, In a Gym, or on the Road   ❀️ Lose Weight   ❀️ Gain Muscle   ❀️ Burn Fat Fast   ❀️ Look Better   ❀️ Crush Cardio Fitness   ❀️ Get Stronger   ❀️ Feel Great   ❀️ Live Longer   ❀️ Control Diabetes / A1C   ❀️ Improve Insulin Sensitivity   ❀️ Lower All Cause Mortality   ❀️ Repair Mitochondrial Dysfunction   ❀️ Improve Metabolic Health   ❀️ Reduce Cancer Risk   ❀️ Lower Blood Pressure   ❀️ Walk Up Stairs   ❀️ Run a 10K   ❀️ Play All Day   ❀️ Wake Up Refreshed   ❀️ Get More Done Each Day   ❀️ Research Backed Exercises that Require the Least Time for the Best Results   ❀️ Has your current workout become too high impact for your joints? Improve your strength and cardio without killing yourself with over the top exercise routines like other apps.  

What an Interval Workout Looks Like?

HIIT Made Simple

Interval training workouts are notoriously complex and hard to follow. There are lots of steps, changes in intensity, and precise timing to worry about.

This is the entire workout visualized on one screen. It's exactly what you see while you are working out. As you progress through each interval, you can track it on the screen. You don't even need to look at the screen if you don't want to because voice prompts will walk you step-by-step through the workout.

That's really valuable. I hope why is obvious. The 10-20-30 is the most complex HIIT workout. Can you imagine doing all those steps on your own? It would be hard.


I really like Max Workout. I can tell because I missed using it when I forgot my phone.

β€” Linda G

In not just the programmer, I'm a user. Managing my T2 diabetes requires staying in shape. Year after year after year. I don't need to tell you how hard that is. Here's how Max Workout helps: 1. I can do a workout in under 10 minutes. That means I can fit a workout in almost any day. 2. I know the workouts get results. I can't afford to waste my time on unproven approaches. 3. There's lots of variety, which is important if you plan on exercising for the long term. 4. The app is pretty and works nicely, if I do say so myself.

β€” Todd Hoff

My husband noticed I flew up a very steep hill I had problems walking up just three weeks before, without being out of breath! Max Workout works!

β€” Anonymous

It's the best workout app I've ever used.

β€” Beta Tester

Workouts are great, fast-paced without frills.

β€” User

Very visual and intuitive to use.

β€” User

Create Your Custom Workout Plan

This is a huge new feature. Create Workout Plan does everything for you. It helps you create a workout plan based on your personal ambitions. It asks you a bunch of questions and then creates a workout plan based on guidelines from the famous Dr. Peter Attia.

Your workout plan is a set of goals for the week. A goal is something you want to accomplish, like doing a strength workout on Monday and Wednesday. When you accept the recommendations, they become your new weekly goals.

After you set your goals, you can schedule each workout for a particular day and time. A local notification is generated to remind you of your scheduled workouts. Never miss a workout again!

Minimim Effort. Max Results.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, Max Workout has something for everyone. You can work out solo, at home, at the gym, or on the road, with no need for expensive personal trainers.

Don't waste any more time on workouts that don't move the needle on your health. Don't let a busy schedule hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. Try Max Workout today and start living your longest, healthiest, and strongest life!

Try Max Workout today and witness the birth of a legendβ€”you.

Hurry, order now. Start seeing results today!

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