By lowering your blood pressure, you can live 5 to 7 years longer.

You probably already know some of the best ways to lower your blood pressure: lose weight; exercise; eat healthy; limit alcohol; quit smoking; get a good night's sleep; reduce stress; take medication.

Max Workout helps you with a lot of these already. Lose weight—definitely. Exercise—that's a no-brainer. Sleep better—absolutely. And with dozens of breathing and meditation exercises, that's a big yes for helping reduce stress.

What's less obvious is recent research has found an optimal exercise for reducing blood pressure and Max Workout includes that exercise: Blood Pressure Crusher.

I know, my names aren't the best, but the spirit is there. I specifically added this workout to help people lower their pressure (and that includes me), because that's what Max Workout is all about.

What exercise is it? Running marathons? Lifting skyscrapers?

No. It's hard to believe, but isometric exercises are the most effective exercises to reduce your blood pressure; at its best, it is equivalent to taking medication.

Don't believe me? Read the research below.

You can lower your systolic blood pressure (the high number) by over 8 points, and you can lower your diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) by 4 points. That's a lot.

Isometric exercises are exercises where you hold a contraction in place. Examples include: hand grip, leg extension, plank, and wall sit (or wall squat).

Wall sits led with a 10.5 point reduction in the systolic blood pressure number. Leg extension gave a 10 point reduction. Hand grip 7.1 points. Cycling 6.9 points. Running 6.9 points. HIIT 5.5 points. Resistance training 4.55 points. Walking 2.85 points. And combined resistance with cardio produced a 6.8 point reduction.

For the diastolic blood pressure number, the results were a little different, but similar. Running 5.7 points. Wall sit 5.3 points. Leg extension 4.2 points. Hand grip 3.46 points. HIIT 3.3 points. Cycling a 3.2 points. Resistance training 3 points. Combined 2.5 points. Walking 1.4 points.

A leg extension is sitting on a chair and extending your leg straight out and holding it. That's it. No weights involved. A hand grip is squeezing one of those hand grip devices. And we know what a wall sit is already.

So all you need are workouts to tie it all together, and that's what Max Workout does for you.

You can start a Blood Pressure Crusher workout in a few ways:

  1. Tap on the workout directly in Max Workout.
  2. Add it to your schedule. Tap on the Schedule tab. Tap on Schedule Workouts. Tap on +.
  3. Add it to your profile. Tap on the Schedule tab. Tap on Create Workout Plan. Tap on Reduce Blood Pressure. Tap on Generate My Plan.

That's all you have to do to add an exercise to your weekly workout routine that will lower your blood pressure as taking medication.

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